About ISAs

What is an Income
Share Agreement?

An Income Share Agreement (ISA) is an innovative way to enable university students pay for their education. Qualifying for an ISA is not based on how much money a student has in the bank. Instead, it is based a student’s potential to earn in the future. ISA terms are flexible, which means that payment amounts vary depending on each applicant’s situation. An ISA can often be more affordable than a loan since the student pays a percentage of income earned. All students accepted to an educational institution that ALFC partners with are eligible to apply for an ISA.


ISA Advantages


  • Anyone can qualify, regardless of family income
  • Makes a brighter economic future possible through higher education
  • No assets or collateral necessary


  • Can be more affordable than a loan
  • Pay only a percentage of what you have, when you have it
  • Payments pause during unemployment, higher study or economic hardship


  • Spreads financing risk between students and investors
  • If a student succeeds financially, so do investors and fellow students
  • If a student struggles, the downside is shared

Join a movement of educating future
generations of students

Signing up for an ISA lets you take charge of your future, by making your education accessible today. Once you start earning, your payments will be reinvested to provide even more ISAs for future ALU students. By paying your ISA, you will join a community, creating access to education for millions of students across the continent.