Craig Lyons

Investment banker with 25 years of experience in starting and building a number of African based companies. Sits on a number of Boards as a director providing independent analysis, leadership and managerial skills, injection of creative energy, financial acumen, strategic guidance and access to a broad network of relationships.

Peter Mombaur

Co-Founder and CEO of Terra Education. Former engagement manager for McKinsey with wealth of experience in private equity.

Tonio DeSorrento

Chief Executive Officer at Vemo Education. Vemo is the leading ISA company in the United States and partners directly with educational institutions to design, implement, and service ISAs.

Johannes Frankenfeld

Co-owner and Managing Director of Brain Capital. Brain Capital is a German ISA company with approximately $165m in assets under management and has funded over 2,500 students from 22 private universities in Germany, Austria, France & Singapore partially through ISAs with reported default rate of only 0.5%.

Miguel Palacios

Professor of Finance at the University of Calgary, author of “Investing in Human Capital”, and Co-Founder of Lumni. “Investing in Human Capital”, published in 2004, argued in favor of using Income Share Agreements in the funding of education. Lumni pioneered ISAs at scale in Latin America and has attracted approximately $50m in financing and funded 10,000 students in the past 15 years.