Farai, Zimbabwe

Farai Munjoma, Zimbabwe,
Business Management

It is the dream of many to be able to attain a world class university education. After graduating from high school I had thousands of universities across the world to choose from, however the one that appealed to me most was the African Leadership University, the unique learning model and vision of the institution spoke to my desires and heart. The biggest challenge was however that my family wasn’t able to afford this education. I went out of my way to apply for sponsorship and grants and even after getting some support I was still short of the full l amount needed. ISA then enabled me to cover the last mile payment for my entire 3 years at the university making it possible for me to access an ALU education. I’m now finishing up my second year with one last year to go.

Haingotiana, Madagascar.

Haingotiana Ranaivo-Ratsisakanana, Madagascar,
Business Management

I know that there are many young people like me who dream of a better future, and think that it’s impossible to get access to financial means to achieve your goals. Finding funds to join a great university like ALU was difficult for me. Without the ISA, it would have been impossible. The ISA gave me hope. Having received financial help, I now know that a lack of funding should not be a barrier to a bright future. I really want to thank the ISA team as they have given me the opportunity to succeed at ALC.

Gift, South Africa.

Gift Lubele, South Africa,
Business Management

There are many young people who, just like me, are born into very poor backgrounds they didn’t choose. I for one grew up in a small, dry but amazing village in a province called Limpopo, South Africa. My mom had me when she was 18 years old and my family lived in a two- bedroom house for 8 people, including myself.

Although my background wasn’t amazing, I always was a big dreamer. So often dreams die because they aren’t financed, especially when one comes from a disadvantaged background. This is why I am grateful that the ISA gives me the opportunity to be few steps closer to my dream of being one of the most influential African Entrepreneurial leaders through ALU, an institution that promotes thinking outside the box. I am now able to worry less about my tuition and focus more on my books so I can realize my dream of being one of the most leading businessmen in Africa.