Gift Lubele, South Africa,
Business Management

There are many young people who, just like me, are born into very poor backgrounds they didn’t choose. I for one grew up in a small, dry but amazing village in a province called Limpopo, South Africa. My mom had me when she was 18 years old and my family lived in a two- bedroom house for 8 people, including myself.

Although my background wasn’t amazing, I always was a big dreamer. So often dreams die because they aren’t financed, especially when one comes from a disadvantaged background. This is why I am grateful that the ISA gives me the opportunity to be few steps closer to my dream of being one of the most influential African Entrepreneurial leaders through ALU, an institution that promotes thinking outside the box. I am now able to worry less about my tuition and focus more on my books so I can realize my dream of being one of the most leading businessmen in Africa.