Our Advisory Board

Learn more about our Advisory Board below:

Miguel Palacios

Miguel Palacios is co-founder of Lumni  Capital which has invested in ISAs for over 9,000 students across Latin America & the USA. He authored Investing in Huan Capital (Harvard University Press, 2004) and is Assistant Professor of Finance at University of Calgary.

Johannes Frankenfeld

Johannes Frankenfeld is co-owner and Managing Director of Brain Capital, a German ISA company that has funded over 2,500 students with ISAs.

Tonio DeSorrento

Tonio DeSorrento is CEO of Vemo Education which designs and manages ISA programs for university programs in the US. Tonio is also an adjunct professor of Law at Georgetown University.

Mark van Beuningen

Mark van Beuningen is Group CEO of Cim Group, with subsidiaries in finance, property & investments. Cim Finance is a non-bank financial institution that offers financial solutions to individual consumers, SMEs and large corporates across Mauritius, Rodrigues & East Africa.

Dana J. Hyde

Dana J. Hyde is former Interim CEO of ALFC and former CEO of the Millenium Challenge Corporation during the Obama Administration.

Matt Tierney

Matt Tierney is a partner of Development Capital Partners, a New York-based investment firm with an exclusive focus on frontier and emerging markets.

Dennis Didonna

Dennis [DJ] DiDonna has dedicated his career to commercializing social science research to create organizations which positively impact the world. DiDonna founded The Sabbatical Project to explore when and why sabbaticals lead to positive outcomes for working professionals. Along with collaborator Professor Matt Bloom, The Sabbatical Project is now exploring the role and effects of companies in making sabbatical policies mainstream. DiDonna previously cofounded EFL Global, which enabled over $2B in capital to underbanked businesses and individuals across 20+ countries before being acquired in 2017. DJ studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Notre Dame and received his MBA from Harvard Business School.