ALFC’s ISA Explained

Who are our Students?

Amara Rendy Soumahoro

Country: Ivory Coast
Course: Business Management

Coming from Ivory Coast, access to education is one of the serious issues young people are facing. When I found out there was a way to pay for my education that involved less financial risk compared to traditional student loans, I immediately told my parents. With the ISA, I don’t have to stress. I just need to study, get my degree and then a job to pay later on in order to help others Africans students get a chance to study at one of the best Universities on the continent.

David Masupa

Country: Zambia
Course: Computer Science

The Income share agreement (ISA) is the best thing that has ever happened to my life. Just few months ago I could never imagine myself in a world-class institution like ALU.

The costs of attending a world-class university are really high, and there was nobody in my cycle who could affordable paying such a huge tuition. I was only able to come to ALU because of the ISA financing model, and for this am forever thankful. I strongly advise ALU to push this financing model across the whole continent.

Farai Munjoma

Country: Zimbabwe
Course: Business Management

It is the dream of many to be able to attain a world class university education. After graduating from high school I had thousands of universities across the world to choose from, however the one that appealed to me most was the African Leadership University, the unique learning model and vision of the institution spoke to my desires and heart. The biggest challenge was however that my family wasn’t able to afford this education. I went out of my way to apply for sponsorship and grants and even after getting some support I was still short of the full l amount needed. ISA then enabled me to cover the last mile payment for my entire 3 years at the university making it possible for me to access an ALU education. I’m now finishing up my second year with one last year to go.

Gift Lubele

Country: South Africa
Course: Business Management

There are many young people who, just like me, are born into very poor backgrounds they didn’t choose. I for one grew up in a small, dry but amazing village in a province called Limpopo, South Africa. My mom had me when she was 18 years old and my family lived in a two- bedroom house for 8 people, including myself.

Although my background wasn’t amazing, I always was a big dreamer. So often dreams die because they aren’t financed, especially when one comes from a disadvantaged background. This is why I am grateful that the ISA gives me the opportunity to be few steps closer to my dream of being one of the most influential African Entrepreneurial leaders through ALU, an institution that promotes thinking outside the box. I am now able to worry less about my tuition and focus more on my books so I can realize my dream of being one of the most leading businessmen in Africa.

Haingotiana Ranaivo-Ratsisakanana

Country: Madagascar
Courses: Business Management

I know that there are many young people like me who dream of a better future, and think that it’s impossible to get access to financial means to achieve your goals. Finding funds to join a great university like ALU was difficult for me. Without the ISA, it would have been impossible. The ISA gave me hope. Having received financial help, I now know that a lack of funding should not be a barrier to a bright future. I really want to thank the ISA team as they have given me the opportunity to succeed at ALC.

Julia Abayisenga

Country: Rwanda
Courses: International Business and Trade

When I graduated from high school, I did not know how I would attend university. My parents could not afford any university here in Rwanda, let alone ALU. The moment I heard about ALU, I had to double check to see whether they offered scholarships or any form of financial aid.

This is when I learnt about ALU’s financial aid model through the ISA. If there is anything that has made my ALU journey  a reality; it is the ISA. I will forever be grateful for this.

Moses Katala

Country: Tanzania
Courses: Computer Science

The first time I learnt about ALU, I wasn’t sure that I was going to make it. I was confident that I fitted the eligibility criteria but the question of who will pay my tuition perplexed me.

Luckily, as I worked working on finishing my application, I was introduced to the ISA financing model. Through the ISA, I was assured that my current ability to pay school fees was not an admission criteria.

Thankfully, I am now studying at one of the best universities on the continent without being a burden to my parents or relatives. The ISA has given me the opportunity to fund my own education.

Samuel Adewole

Country: Nigeria
Courses: International Business and Trade

Prior to ALU, I was studying Petroleum Engineering at the University of Lagos back in Nigeria. Two years into the course, I lost interest and was determined to pursue a career in social entrepreneurship. I, however, did not know how to go about it and just then I got to learn about ALU. I applied and got accepted, but was disheartened when I realized how expensive it is.

My parents clearly couldn’t afford it. My hope for transforming Africa was restored when I got offered an Income Sharing Agreement. Now, I am able to pursue my dreams in making Africa a better place in the nearest future.

Sheila Munsabe

Country: Rwanda
Courses: International Business and Trade

The income share agreement has helped me attend classes without any hindrances or worries about paying tuition. The fact that I have been able to finance my own education gives me comfort and assurance that my academic dreams will be realized.

Studying in a world- class institution like ALU can be very costly, and I could tell that without the ISA I would never have been able to afford studying here. It is my hope that this model of financing will soon be adopted all over Africa to help millions of young leaders like me afford a world-class university education.

Zidana Hastings

Country: Malawi
Courses: International Business and Trade

I grew up knowing that the best education is for the rich only. When I told my parents that I wanted to attend ALU; they said they couldn’t afford it. I was really discouraged because I thought my dream of studying at ALU would just end up being a dream.

Just in the middle of deep thoughts, I found out about the existence of the ISA financing system at ALU. Then I decided to apply and I got admitted. The ISA wiped away my sorrows by giving me an opportunity to study at this world class institution, despite my financial background.

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